Advanced T&P 2B Medium format final images evaluation

Advanced T&P 2B

Medium format final images evaluation

I have selected one medium format image and one image as my final image, my aim was show the difference between medium format and digital image and as my finals I have chosen the following as I felt they looked the strongest and stood out well.

I used soft lighting in order to see the glass bowl clearly as harsh lighting would make it difficult to see through and the glass bowl, as soft lighting was a great option and worked out very well.

With medium format the good thing would be you get to experiment and develop your image within this you have the option to choose how you would want your final image to look such as changing the contrast by using magenta and yellow in various kinds of way to receive various kinds of final results.

Difference between Medium format and digital I didn’t really think they is much difference as they both could look very similar and hard to notice the difference but I feel digital format works out good as it easy to see the results were as with the medium format you can’t really tell until you get the official contact sheet printed.

Over all it was a successful task and I feel I have got some great results.


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