Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B Final updated Proposal

Within this Proposal I will be entering a compensation with AOP which is as to buy a product from a charity shop and make it look attractive and eye catching. Within my project I will be looking at a range of products which will help me with the award and try to create an image that will stand out and that will sell and grab the consumer’s attention.

AOP, as part of this completion the aim of the shoot is to make the product look good-looking and eye catching so people would not think that it is from a charity shop. The aim is to show that charity shops don’t just sell second hand products that are in no use it is to show that they sell goods that mean something and have quality to them be it they are second hand or brand new.

Pack shoot photography for this project I will be doing a range of pack shoots products that get sold in retail stores. I will be exploring within a range of things that are sold this could be things like kitchen appliances to jewellery. My aim for this project will be to show how things are sold and how retail markets advertise their products the reasons to why I would like to do a range of things is to show that I have experience within shooting numerous products this could be from a sofa to a small wrist watch.

This work will all be done within a studio as pack shoots could be taken anywhere but this also does depends on what the product is and how that picture could come to look once its taken within that place.

But I will be focusing on more within the studio as I would like to gain some experience using different lighting on different products every product will have its own theme look and will have its own setting which I would like to get around to and get used to doing.

Research I will need to collect information this will be from internet and leaflets that have pack shoots on them this would be a great idea to see how each shoot is done and what I will need my aim is to see some photographers work such as Powerhouse photography and see some of their talented work that they have produced over the years which I am inspired to and would like to know further information about.

My target audience would be retail store clients that sell good and that would like to get them advertised. Within this project I will be contacted companies that sell good and get information as in if they would like shoots to be taken but before I begin with this I will have to research the prices and what kind of things I would need to do this kind of work.


Talking to class colleagues and having group dissections I have got some great advice in regards to how I could develop on my products. Such as change the whole look for the product that has been bought from the charity shop such as giving it a makeover or Turing it to something completely different by adding various things around it.


Getting advice from tutors and asking on how to improve on my shoots I was asked to try to shoot my pack-shoots in a different environment as take it away from the white background and place it in other places where it may standout much better such as wallpapered background and maybe trying locations, I haven’t tried this but I was thinking of doing some research and looking at other photographers that may inspire me with their stills.


Communicating with mentors and gathering advice I will be creating shoots using various kinds of silk fabric as this would work great within the studio and the lighting which will be used around it as I think this would give the charity products a completely different look and it would take it out of its normal look as people would see it which would be great and as I am going to enter the AOP, competition which will be in may.


Aims for this project would be to make the product look completely different and eye catching in-order for people to be shocked to know the product is from a charity shop.

Communicating within a group I have got further information in regards to how I could develop and make the product look completely different and eye catching I will be using a background that will have a colour to it which will immediately get the consumers attention, and make them want to buy the product, I would be using strong lighting as this would make the product itself stand out as this is another option that would make the product stand out.

Lighting is another development I could focus on and improve in such a way to make the product look dissimilar, this would help as part of the brief as I have to make the image look different to normal as I wanted to take an image of the product I could have done it. Using these techniques would be a great advantage and it would make the whole product standout and look different which is the aim, using a colored background would make the product standout as well as make it look different to what it would look like originally.


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