Advanced T&P Final selection of images Evaluation & Best Practice

Advanced T&P Final selection of images Evaluation & Best Practice

As my final selection for my external opportunity shoots. Here are some shoots that was done for a clothing company, did some shoots that were in the studio and I was asked to do a shoot of the models on location.  I have used these as my best practice as they are a range of them that I feel have worked out very well and they have stood out really well which I am very happy with.

I am very happy with the lighting of the images as we had to shoot in various places and it was a very busy day as they was many other people and we were moving on rapidly and we had to be on board and make sure all deadlines are meet within time. I have selected the following of the group and two male and female models as this was a party wear shoot we had to give the images a nature party wear clothing style which was pretty easy as I had done some advance research to what to expect within the photographs.

As part of the external opportunity outcome I have worked independently by doing a shoot for a clothing company which was based in Manchester which I had to attended in order to do the shoot they was a range of other photographer within that day but we got to work with the models and take them on various kinds of location in-order to get the shoots done.

Overall I am very happy with the final results as I feel the images are exposed well and have stood out very well which is what I was wanting to achieve within my photography, every image has a different look to them and a different pose which is what was part of the task and as for my final result I have placed various kinds of different shoots that expose well and stand out and most of all look different from one another.

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