Advanced T&P 2B CANDY HERO (External opportunity photo-shoot)

External opportunity shoot

Aims for this shoot was to advertise the sweets for a company called Candy Hero’s as part of the work experience we was asked if we would like to take part within the shoot as I did.

This was a great experience as we got to shoot various kinds of products for a big company which took our group a week as it was a big task, finally we was asked to do a shoot of the sweets as we would like using the products and the lighting in various kinds of ways which was good as I got to develop on using the different kinds of lighting and having the knowledge of how they are used which was great.

Overall it was a great experinace as I got to get familiar with how pack shoot photography works and how you need to use all the different technques in order to get that perfect shoot especially when working for a large company as it is a responsibility and you must make sure that things are done in the right way and if one mistake is made everything could go wrong so this was a great thing to learn and develop upon which I feel was great as it gave me confidence and that extra knowledge of what to expect witin the furture when I get another job like this related to pack-shoots.

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