Advanced T&P 2B – AOP Student Award 2015 (Final selection images)


Advanced T&P 2B

Aims for this brief is to by a product from charity shop and do a shoot of it as it is from a stock which and make it look completely different and new as this would get the customers attention, I bought the following teddy and the draw and made them look as though they are from a shop and brand new by doing this I need the lighting and the coloured backdrop as this was part of the shoot to make the whole image have an eye catch.

I have selected my final images that I will be putting towards the final student award I have not thought about which images I would like to put as my final ones but I have made note of the two that I will most likely be putting towards the student award as I feel they are they are strong and would defiantly get the attention of the public.

Overall I feel I have my succesful images that I am very happy with which I will be putting towrds my final sellection as I feel they are strong, standout and they products don’t look like they are from a charrity shop as that was the whole aim of the shoot which I feel I have achieved.

I have placed the link which would direct you to the AOP student Award 2015.

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