Advanced Studio Practice 2B Group Task (Exhibition) Outcome 4

Advanced Studio Practice 2B Group exhibition


Aims for this task is to do a range of roles but working in a team, within the task we are going to be putting up an exhibition by end of April, we are going to have a maximum of four images these images are based on what we want to do within our further, and what kind of jobs roles we would like to having once we are working in the on coming years.

We all have different genre some are doing fashion portrait, Wild life animal, and journalist photographers. My genre is food photography as I have put together a range of final images that I would be putting up for the exhibition.

We are going to get together and have a look at our final images and then see what everyone thinks of each other final results if they are any weak images and we feel they are not going collaborate very well with the rest we will have to re-think about what they could put up instead of them images.

As our deadline is on the April 20th we won’t be able to put in an evaluation of what happened and if the exhibition was successful. But we have managed to get our final images chosen and will be framing them up as our exhibition will be end of April beginning of May, we haven’t got a set date as when it would be at this moment of time.

My aim is to get my image printed and see the result of them and see if they would work out and if they are strong enough.  To be framed if they are any problem I will need to re-visit my contact sheets and see if I could pick out an image that may be better and stand out, but overall I feel happy with what I have chosen as my tutor has seen it and see thinks they are strong detailed images and would most defiantly work out.

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