Advanced Studio Practice 2B Final evaluation external Opportunity’s & Best Practice

Advanced Studio Practice 2B Final evaluation external Opportunity’s

External opportunity final portfolio images

I have collected the follow images as my final portfolio images as they stand out and show me collaborating doing various kinds of photography which gave me a great awareness of what to expect when I get a jobs like this given later on in further.

Best Practice

Within my external opportunity work i have placed my best practice images as i feel i had some strong image’s that stood out well as well as others which i gave it all my best and manged to achieve the results i was wanting to gain.

External opportunities work with Binitesh

I have placed two separate External Opportunity workshops that I did one was working with Binitesh who had come from India and asked our group to go out and capture images ‘in finding the moment’ which meant things that meant something to me. I got to work with my class colleagues and experience different techniques and help each other out which was great as we hadn’t done something like this for a while.

Overall I think it was a great task as we got to work with other people and collaborate with them which was great experience as I am not a people’s person this was another great experience to build my confidence with talk and working with people that I haven’t worked with before.

External Opportunities Bradford Film School Event Day

Within this workshop I got meet, see different kinds of people as part of the Film school we were asked to capture the events as our class was told to do this we all have to be ready for the day as it was four day event we was told to capture it on the last day before it ended as we had guest arriving from various locations. It was a great experience as I got to meet people and I was put out of my comfort zoon which was very hard, but once I was capture and moving around I soon got comfortable with things and it turned out to be a great experience.

Overall I have very happy with my final results of images that I produced I feel they are strong and they speak for themselves, doing this job was great as it gave me an open eye of what other jobs that pay occur in life that I may need to do, it gave me an heads up to and made me think that they are other opportunities out there that I could do if I was ever to get dispassionate of still life food photography.

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