Advanced T&P 2B Final selection and evaluation of images & Frequency separation, Pen Tool

Final selected images.

I have selected my final images which are based are my proposal such as pack shoot. Within this final selection I have added my Pen tool and Frequency separation retouching tool, which I have developed on and put as my final shoots as I felt they were the strongest and stood out well, the following images were taken by me in an external opportunity shoot. I feel as though these two images stood out really well and the targets that were set were achieved just as expected.

I have also added in a range if final shoots which relate to my packs shoot which was part of my proposal, I have selected the following image because I feel the lighting and the set out is well set and the lighting has exposed just as I was expecting it to be overall the shoots speak for themselves and I feel very pleased with all of them as I have produced some images that I was set to do at the begging as I wrote my proposal I wasn’t sure of the final results and weather how I would like to like my pack shoots to be set up but as I communicated with a range of people that really has helped me and gained my skills and progress for the following shoots.

Overall I am very happy with the final results that have spoken for themselves and they stood out great. My proposal final images with the fabric and products set out were the ones that I was trying to achieve which was my main aim to achieve and I feel these aims were met to the full standard’s as I was wanting them to be.

Frequency separation

Pen tool


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