Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal Shoot 7

Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal


Aim for this shoot was to create a commercial adverting, from completing shoots from the past seven weeks my aim was to get a shoot done of a full pizza but set up in many ways as possible and picking out images that worked out best.

I got a large table and sprinkled some flower as pizzas bass is made out of flower which I thought would work out perfect. I added some garlic, onions and chillies, now this is what pizza is made out of which I thought would be perfect as it adds a great atmosphere to the image and it will defiantly give an eye catching look to the public.

Looking back at my progress at this image I feel I have covered over possible outcome and every difficulties I experienced within my previews shoot doing this shoot and adding little things around it would most defiantly change the whole view of the image which have worked.

My next aim is to get all my shoots that I  have done and make a collection for my final portfolio and see if I can achieve the maximum result of images for my portfolio for my final images, if I feel some are weak I will need to revisit them but as I am coming close to my dealine my aim is to look and see if I have more than five images that could be placed in my portfolio.

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