Advanced Studio Pracice 2B Final Selection Evaluation of Images

Final images.

Final Proposal selected images.

I have selected my finally images for my portfolio as I feel they are strong and stand out. As I gave a questionnaire sheet out to friends and family to get there option and what I could shoot they selected various kinds of food such as Pizza, Burger, and pizzas etc.

My final images show a commercial look as you would see on magazines and billboards as this has become a big advertising to the industry and because like to taste new kinds of food that come out every day. My aim was to show food in a different light as normally you see food advertising is such a glamorous way and eye catching way, I would like to keep that within my images but I want to represent them in a different way as I have shown on my final portfolio images.

I have done a range of shoot from different angles as I feel this is important within the commercial industry as photographers work changes over the years as they develop from new ideas and see other photographers work and recreate it within their own ways and how they think it would look good. I feel I have gained various kinds of skill and feel as though that I can defiantly work in various kinds of lighting environments and I feel as though if I was to re-shoot all the following photographers I would be able to complete them with flying colours as from the skills I have gained by doing these shoots.

Overall I am happy with my final shoots and feel they represent me and show what I actually enjoy doing within my daily life. Within every shoot I have done I can gather my knowledge has improved on it and I feel my images got stronger as I continued

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