Advanced T&P 2B Development on pen tool, healing tool

Advanced T&P 2B


Development on pen tool, healing tool

Aims for the following task were to experiment using the healing tool, pen tool within this task I choose to work on some images that I had from external shoots and a class task we did. Within this task was to clean up the white background make the images stand out as much as they could.

I feel as though I have got a great idea of how to use the following tools and I think if I was to work with a company and I was given this tasks to do I would be able to complete them without any issues. Using these tool is pretty simple as long as you follow what you are doing once you have knowledge of what you are doing it is pretty simple.

Overall I feel happy with the results of the edits that I have created and I feel they give a good finish to every one of them. Using the cut tool around portrait images I would say it is a difficult task but as you practice your knowledge within it gets stronger, I have been using most of the tools on CS6 for a while and I feel that you must practice things do go wrong at first but as you carry on and practice as much as you can your knowledge within using the tools becomes strong.

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