Advanced Studio Practice 2B – Strength & Weaknesses Further development

Advanced Studio Practice 2B

Strength & Weaknesses Further development


  • Great confidence with house to use a SLR camera
  • Team player
  • Confidence within working alone
  • Learning new skills
  • Great knowledge with how to use different equipment
  • Greater knowledge and confidence to talk about what I enjoy doing within photography
  • Encouraged
  • Stimulated
  • Deadline
  • Always up to date
  • Time management
  • Going out of one’s way
  • Good listener and learner
  • I don’t give up easy


  • Lack of some skills
  • Being a debater
  • Adjustable to circumstances.
  • Self-confidence
  • Trust people easily
  • Shy

Looking back on my strength and weakness I feel I have improved on many things, looking back on my anxious and been nervous I feel I have overcome this I wouldn’t say that I have fully covered this and I’m great at it but I can control it and go through difficult challenges.

Communicating in within a team I could say this has been a big challenge but as we have had loads over group tasks were we have had to speak about are work and tale to our group and there work and how they should improve on some of their work, doing the group task has had a big impact in a good way to me has it has made me be more aware and gave me a greater knowledge in regards what I should do and what to accept.

Putting up a presentation this is one of the hardest thing I could have ever done, has I find it very difficult to open up with people I think this was one of the hardest task but once it was over it felt so much better and I had so much confidence. As part of a class task in PDP we were tasked to put up a presentation in regards our future plans and talk a about what we would like to do which I feel I did and getting positive feedback and passing this part of my course was a great deal as this gained more confidence in me.

Overall I feel I have gained a lot of skills buy meeting some great people and doing work within my college with my class colleagues as we have done task which indicated talking about each other’s work and how we could improve and change things around within our photography skill and things that relate to our subject, I feel we could closer this semester within our group and talking about our work wasn’t as difficult once we got to know each other. I have learnt that it is very important to get to know each other and once that is done it is very easy to open up with others about your work that’s is one thing I have learnt.


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