Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal shoot 6

Burger & Chips

Aims for this shoot was to create loads of depth of fields within the images, and use loads of day light and flash to make the image stand out. I wanted to shoot the burger from inside as my preview shoot of the burger was full within this shoot I was wanting to go in more details and make the audience see what actually is inside it as most people wouldn’t really notice it.

I feel as though this shoot was a great success as I got some great successful images that I feel came out great using the daylight was a great success and some LED lights that helped bright up the atmosphere of the image. My aim was to get an image of the food from the front so you can see the full details and some side images that show the burger from the side showing you further details of what else is inside of the burger.

Overall I have happy with the final results of the images and I feel as though I have got what I was wanting to achieve from these images my next aim is to do another shoot using daylight as I feel it really helps my images and especially with food photography it is important to get in every detail of the food and lighting is essential

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