Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal shoot 5

Kebab and Chips

Aims for this image was to create an eye catching look and make the food look all glamorous and attractive for my target audience. I was wanting to use the palate to photograph the food as I wanted it to be set up in various kinds of ways.

I personally think the shoot itself was successful but I feel as though the images don’t attract much attention I feel as though they don’t create that atmosphere that people would want to buy as they look very flavourless and uninteresting for people to buy. I have looked at my shoots and feel as though they don’t give the right appeal that I am wanting to achieve from them so my aim would be to carry on shooting until I finally get something that I think would work out perfect and that would stand out in my portfolio.

My plan is to carry on shooting but pick another subject listed by my class colleagues, I need to look at what kind of food I am shooting and how it could stand out and how people could come across by the food. But if my images don’t show that atmosphere that people are looking for my images won’t look as virtuous.

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