Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal shoot 4

Chicken Wrap

Aim for this shoot was photograph the food in natural lighting and as well as that use flash lighting just to make some part of the food standout. My aim was to try to do some on a flat surface as well as using a plate which will add extra lighting and lit the food up which will create that commercial advertising look.

I feel as though this photo-shoot was not as successful looking back at my images I found out that the white balance was not correct as when you look on the plate it light blue but the actual colour of the plate was white I think this was a technical fault which I didn’t pick up whilst photographing much once I completed I looked back and that’s when I picked up on it.

Overall the shoot was done great I didn’t have any other issues other than having trouble with the white balance which let me down. My next plan is to continue with the shoot and try to improve and carry on with the look at I am try to create within my images.

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