Advanced T&P 2B Proposal shoot 5

Aims for this shoot was too great a creative look with this jar I was wanting to put some water in and try to use two different lightings one which would have been at the fare end and the other which would have fallen on to the jar to give it lighting.

I would have put water in within the jar and created some shoots but that wasn’t possible due to health and safety reasons within the studio so I used my bear that I bought from charity shop and try to do some different shoots. I used the glasses as well to make the image look a bit different and fun which kind of worked but not to what I thought it would. I am happy with both images and I could see them both been my final images but because they both have a jar used within them I will be selecting one of them as my final image.

Overall the shoot was a great success as I managed to create few shoots of the jar using some of the products that I had on me my next aim would be to carry on doing some shoots using the white backdrop and creating some pack shoots of products that could be used to advertise or sell.

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