Advanced T&P 2B Proposal shoot 4

Aims for this shoot was to shoot a broach which I had I was wanting to place it on some fabric as it is used to put on dresses and coats so placing on the fabric could give people an idea of how it would look on something.

I did this shoot on the broach flat lay on the table with the cloth under the details of the broach were not showing up as the lighting wasn’t falling in as well so too help that I placed two white cards within the sides and one behind which helped to bring in all the light which was reflecting out. I chose to use soft lighting for all of my shoots and this one has I was shooting products I wasn’t wanting harsh lighting as that could put of clients from buying products.

Overall I am happy with the shoot and feel as though I have achieved the results that I was wanting to gain from this shoot, I have tried to put both fabrics together within the shoot I selected my best one which I think was exposed well and the angle was great which I may use as a final. Overall my other shoots were exposed perfectly and the lighting was great as it made my product stand out well which I have pleased with.

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