Advanced T&P 2B Proposal shoot 2

Aim for this shoot was too great an advertising look on the jewellery that I had chosen to shoot my aim was to use a black silk fabric under so it would make the silver on the top stand out. My aim was to show it in different ways as everyone sees things different from one another.

Within the shoot I feel as though I have met my aims for what I was wanting to produce the image clearly speak for themselves I am happy with the results of the image and feel as though they show an advertising look to them and they would most defiantly stand out in magazines. I was struggling at the beginning as I felt the fabric wasn’t stand out as much but once I adjusted the lighting and placed my white cards on each sides of the table the lighting on the fabric itself started to stand out.

Purple fabric shoot within this shoot I chose to use the purple colour as I felt it’s a strong colour and brings details out of the products I used a mirror and a bracelet which is to put around your arm I put it around the mirror as I was trying to show the creative side of it but I placed it on to the side as I should be to make them both stand out I feel this shoot worked out well as everything stands out and the soft lighting falls on to the predicts nicely.

Overall this was a great successful shoot and I feel my aims have been met for this shoot. I will be continuing with my shoots and doing several other shoots that which will be advertising still life products but my aim is to use other materials and try shooting on a white background to build up my knowledge within shooting in a studio using various equipment.

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