Advanced T&P 2B Medium format vs Digital SLR Camera’s

Aims for this task was to print images out that we had taken when using the medium format cameras we was asked to shoot on  a SLR camera and a medium format camera as this was to see the difference results between the darkroom images to the professional printed images.

Looking at the results of both I feel they isn’t much different but what I think is good about the darkroom images is that once the printed image is in on contact sheet the colour and contrast on the image is really strong and shows greater details which I personally think is great.

The following two selected images that I have put up are the images that I got printed out the are great images and show strong details which I am very happy with but I am more pleased with my darkroom images as I feel I put more effort in to them such as taking the images and printing them out until I get the results that I am happy with. For the darkroom images I feel as though I have seen everything such as the different results, images that didn’t work out well so I was expecting and continuing further until the results I was looking for came out I  have pleased both images in my portfolio.

Overall I would say its great shooting on a SLR camera as it is quicker and beneficial and the results come out great to your exaptation, using Medium format camera is a great because you get to go everything and you have all the control so if things go wrong it would be in your hand to put them right and making sure you don’t over expose your images as you don’t have much space to do loads of shoots.

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