Advanced T&P 2B Frequency Separation Retouching

Advanced T&P 2B Frequency Separation Retouching

Frequency Separation Retouching

Advanced T&P 2B Frequency Separation Retouching

Aim for this task was to use the Frequency Separation Retouching tool which is used for portraits to clean up skin and parts of the face that people may not want within an image this could be a tattoo, piercings that may be on the skin which some photographers may want to hide depending on what the shoot relates to.

I feel this was a great challenge when I started but once I kept on going and followed the instruction that were set I could it easy. I got in contact with Simon who is an ex- student at Bradford College, he gave me some links which show different ways within how to use the different tools which was a great advantage for me as it gave me that extra help to brush up on some of my skill on Photo shop.

Overall it was a great task as it gave me great awareness within how to use some of the tools especially the Frequency Separation as this is one of the great tools you must have experience in using as it helps within lots of jobs in the future. At first it was hard setting up the layers but once I had set my layers and put them in a group my next aim was to touch up on the models faces which was really easy and fast as I had no problem with that all you have is two different layers the top layer would me the main copy as everyone can see that expect me and the second layer under you could call a backup layer as you clean the top layer the bottom layer supports the top one and hides everything that you are doing on the top layer, I have done screen shoots showing how this is done which you will find in my folder.

Before / After

I have placed both images that show my work using the tools looking at the images very closely you can tell the difference within both images as the touched up image shows great healthy skin and looks very smooth when looking at it. Whereas the other image shows a lot of details and marks on the skin you can only notice this once you zoom in to the image.

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