Advanced Studio Practice 2B OUTCOME 4 GROUP TASK

Framing Image’s Group task

Studio Practice 2B

Aims of this task are to frame up a MAC room which has images that were installed by my group last year when we were first years. For this task we will be taking them down and placing images that mean something to us something that is shows our future work and what kind of work we would like to produce over the coming years.

These images that I have added are some that I will be adding to the frames I have noted the images that I feel that I would like to frame up talking to the group and getting their thoughts about which images they think are best they came up with the following images that I have put a note under but this may change as we are Currently shooting on our proposal shoots and if we come up with results that we like best we may change them around.

Overall we are happy with the images we have selected and once we finish shooting for our ongoing project we may select some images from their as some of our group isn’t sure about the images they have selected. I feel that I have got some great strong images that clearly show what I would like to do as my future plan but I would change some of the following images once my shoot has completed and if I am happy with the results I may change some around this would mean talking to my group and discussing to them about what I want to change my images to as it’s a group task it is good to keep in contact and give feedback to one another about what we want to about our work.

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