Advanced Studio Practice 2B Outcome 4. Advanced T&P 2B External Opportunities

Advanced Studio Practice 2B Outcome 4.

Advanced T&P 2B External Opportunities

Workshop with Binitesh – Finding Moments in time

Aims for this task was to find the moment in time things that mean something to you and things that may inspire you. This was great task we were sent out to capture these moments we were given a location we were asked to explore around and find things that we could capture.

It was something out of our comfort zone as we were given this task on the morning which we didn’t get to plan and think about what we could do and how we could like to capture things. I feel this was a great opportunity for us to learn how to adjust to things that are given to you out of the blue and how you could manage to take this in hand and create something you have been asked to do. I am happy with the images that I produced the have great strong meanings to them and they stand out really well. This task has really helped me with my project work and has gave some great ideas on how to capture things as I got to capture nature for the morning it gave me time to think about how I could use this ideas to capture things within my projects such as food and other still life.

Overall I am happy with the results of my shoots and feel this has built my confidence up and I have managed to gain some great ideas and plan to do things in a different way if I am struggling to do something which was great to achieve

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