Advanced Studio Practice 2B (Awareness of food that you eat)

Awareness of food that you eat.

Doing further research in regards to my proposal based on fast food most of the population within America tend to get outside rather that from home which isn’t a good thing. I have found out that subways is the largest chain in the world than McDonalds.

Pizza hut use 300 million pounds of cheese each year and 3% of that is produced in the United States. The first 100 people that visit a new chick – fil when it opens new they will get a free meal every week for a year.

Looking at some of these facts has shocked me and I wasn’t expecting this much information about fast food to be negative but doing this research has gave me greater knowledge about how unhealthy some of this food we eat is and people don’t even realise that it is.

People think that if they are hungry and food isn’t made at home the best quick and fast option would be to grab a take away when they are on there way back from work. I just would like people to be extra careful with what they eat because you are safer cocking something at home and eating it rather than buy a quick meal from takeaway not knowing what is in the food or even how it has been cocked. I could give examples of food that I have bought and wasn’t even cocked fully which I had to get sent back and report to make sure this doesn’t happen again to me or even anyone else.

The disadvantage about take away food is that one it isn’t healthy at all no matter what you buy depending even if its been fried or grilled it will still contain some fat or something within that will be unhealthy and most of the young population tend to eat fried food and oiled as they like the taste of that best than it been grilled but they don’t understand the damage it will cause later on in life.

People are getting diabetes at a very young age which most wouldn’t understand why they have it but the main cause of that would be because of the unhealthy food that they are eating, since 2001 fast food businesses have grown and spread around the world people have a takeaway meters away from their home which is another big advantage for them.

I have collected some articles that have helped me within my project and gave me greater knowledge about how this is effecting he nation.



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