Advanced T&P 2B Yellow & Magenta prints medium format negs.

Advanced T&P 2B Yellow & Magenta prints medium format negs.

  • Color Enlarger C6700 (LPL)
  • Dark room enlarger to resize image when exposed
  • ILFORD fiber based multi grade film paper
  • Medium format neg carrier which is made out of plastic and has glass screen for the negs so you can see through the lens.
  • 50mm lens which is made for the medium format neg.

Aims for this task was to correctly expose my medium format cameras as most images have a different lighting setting and most images could look grey and washed out for this task we needed to show how we could overcome this issues and develop from this.


  • Magenta 170 – Yellow 0 – Cyan 0
  • Yellow 170 – Magenta 0 – Cyan 0

For this task we used the color enlarger and set the yellow to 170 and exposed the image then we switched the yellow to 0 and switched magenta to 170 and make another exposure which then gave me an idea of which colour I think is stronger as yellow is a white and Magenta would be the black as the magenta would be a darker colour.

I repeated this task when doing my test strips as this gave me an idea of what lighting will work and which will not. The exposure for each shoot was 10 seconds so 5 for magenta and 5 for yellow which then ads up to10 and gives me the correct exposer that I am looking for .

Overall looking at the results of my images I feel I have achieved my goals that were set as I feel this got me really familiar with using the dark room equipment using the medium format negs. I feel I have full confidence within using various kinds if equipment without having any issues.

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