Advanced T&P 2B Medium format printing Darkroom

Equipment used for Darkroom task:

  • Dark room enlarger to resize image when exposed
  • ILFORD fiber based multi grade film paper
  • Medium format neg carrier which is made out of plastic and has glass screen for the negs so you can see through the lens.
  • 50mm lens which is made for the medium format neg.

Aims for this task is to learn how to use medium format cameras and compare these to digital and see the difference between them both. We learnt how to control the tones, grades, and the different contrasts that you get within the images.

Within this task we used the ilford multigrade IV paper filtration guide, this chart was really helpful has we used different grades to produces an final image that is correctly exposed such as making sure the tone is correct and the contrast of the image.

Two different grades that I used was grade 2 filtration 41 yellow / 32 magenta / 0 cyan

Grade 3 Filtration 23 yellow / 56 magenta / 0 cyan

Overall I feel working on grade 2 wasn’t successful as my images looked grey and they wasn’t enough black in the image has a well exposed image should have black and white in it which will make it look strong and efficient. Work on grade 3 and exposing the image for 15 seconds really gave a grade result doing the test strips in each section gave me an idea of what would look best so I exposed the image for 15 seconds which gave me a grade result but I was able to take it down as when I took my images in the light they looked overexposed so then I took my timer down to 10 seconds and gave it another go which I think worked great and the exposure was correct as I felt.

Overall I feel working on medium format camera give your images a real strong quality compare to film camera as I feel medium format cameras have great details within the images and when you print the images on to a sheet the quality of the images seem to look great and very strong which could almost look like an image from a SLR camera.

This was a great opportunity as we got to print images on to a contact and actually doing something our self rather than a computer doing it. It also was good to develop from the mistakes that you made within the darkroom you have that opportunity to try again and improve on things that may have gone wrong which I think was good it does take time but practice always makes perfect.


I have got a copy of the multi grade guide which shows different settings that you use to get the correct tone, contrast for your images every setting has it’s own exposure setting depending on what image you may have the darker your neg is the lighter you will need your grades to be this all depends on every image that is processed

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