Advanced T&P 2B Charity Brief Shoot 1

Charity Brief:

Aims for this task was to do a shoot on a product from a Charity shop as part of my proposal. I have chosen to do pack shoots of items that could be sold to people as they have to look eye catching and something completely different to normal. I choose to shoot a teddy and brush its hair and style it to something what I would do.

I used soft lighting for the teddy but then I chose to use harsh lighting for the draw has it had some really dark strong colours which I thought would look great over all looking back at my shoots I feel the task was successful and I managed to achieve some great results the lighting was set just as I wanted the details of the shoots were clear and eye catching which I am happy with. I feel the images have some strong details shown and the coloured background make it look more great as it brightness the image up and makes it with the teddies ribbon, which is what I was wanting to create and same with the draw keeping that red as the draw itself is red it make it look big and attracts attention because of the back drop.

My next plan is to buy some more things from the Charity shop and carry on producing some pack shoots but make my images stand out and look eye catching and also be creative and experiment by doing a different kinds of things to make my images standout and look attractive.

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