Advanced T&P 2B Pack Shoots and Introduction to Capture one (phase one)

Aim for this task was to use a Capture one we photographed some pack shoots that were provided and make sure the lighting is all correct. We used the capture one software to see the results of the images the programme as a function where you can control your camera and also take images from it instead of using the camera which was a great advantage. Alongside that when taking images and view them on a large screen gives a completely different results to what you may see in the actual camera screen as most camera screens do give you a wrong exposure results and when they are uploaded to a PC the results are different to what you pay have seen on the SLR camera.

Capture one is a great software as you can also change your white balance settings while you are doing a photo shoot and you could edit your images whilst you are doing the photo shoot as it gives you an option to edit images that you are taking liv.


Here is a box that we were asked to light up we used the soft box lighting and lit it up from the top so the lighting falls on to the box. If you look at the middle image it wasn’t getting as much lighting as the two images on the side which are lit up well. The main aim was to light up the box so we could see the information on the box and also if this product is but online for sale it would be beneficial for other customer to read what it says on the box easily if the lighting is correct.

Floppy Disks:

Here is a floppy disk box this is in a plastic box it was important that we could the lighting correct so and also it didn’t make the object look overexposed as it a plastic and light will reflect through it. For this object we used white card which was placed on both sides now this is so the lightings falls back in on both sides of the products and gives a clear view of what it is. It’s important that the lighting is exposed correct so then it easier for the buyers to see what is inside the box and see how many items they are.


Here is a form box that we lit up now because the background is white we had to take some light away so it gives a shady look which will then it will make it easier for the viewer to see the product clearly and all the details on it. Were as if they was loads of lighting within the background and on the item it would be very difficult to view the item itself as it would be distracted by the background.

Fabric Chair:

Here is a fabric chair that we shoot the overall results came out good and the image was well exposed. This is a main part of the task as pin pointing makes a great big difference to the image and also exposing the image lighting should be correctly lit and any shades that are visible should be lit up correct now to solve this you will need a white card or sheet which will reflect light back in on to the product which in this case we did and it worked great and lit the image up perfectly.

As you can see a coloured sheet on the chair this is used to get the correct exposure for the white balance so we clicked on a colour and it changed it to blue as you could see in the image now to go back to the current result and normal colour you would have to click on the white colour or the grey which will take it back to its natural colour.

High Chair

High chair for this we had to place to cards on to the side white colour and made sure it was facing towards the camera so you can see that it has four legs and it’s clear seen on the image as it is very important if you are selling products you must show every detail as possible as the buyer would like to fully we aware of what they are buying and they would like to know what the whole item looks like.

Over all it was a great task we got to learn how you can light up various kinds of packs shoots and large objects such as sofas, chair and small items that may be for sale or advertising purposes. I got to use the capture one software which was very basic and easy to a hand around to use the tools within the software and how to take images instead of using the SLR camera it all can be controlled on the software.

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