Advanced T&P 2B Pack shoot (STUDIO SHOOT) CAPTURE ONE

Aim for this shoot was to create numerous pack shoots of products that we were asked to bring in on our very own choice. We also experimented using different lighting with our products this was to see the different results we get shooting from our products.

Green bowl: for this shoot I had a soft box and a beauty dish as you can see the lighting looks harsh in some places and in others it looks clear. It’s almost like a silhouette in some places as you look at the images, another great example would be a portrait of a person when one of their face is shown and the other half is shaded which is a silhouette. This image with the green bowl shows that but just that this is shown horizontally.

Round mirror: this was one of the best shoots I felt as I had two soft boxes on each side which supported the light for the mirror to show the details of the mirror very clearly. I placed two cards on each side which helps lighting fall back in which then takes any shady or dark patches away, putting these cards in the way takes away any bits that look obvious in a picture and clear them away.

Capture One: I copied this image and got to experiment them using the capture one software by changing the lighting and touch up any bits that may have looked out of place. (Screen shoots in folder)

Bracelet: for this shoot I used two soft boxes and two cards on each side which supported my bracelet to light up well so I get a great exposure. I found this a bit difficult as some parts of the bracelets were not been lit up and looked underexposed so I had to place few more which cards around and a white paper inside the bracelet which help me take any dark ends away which helped and I managed to get some great shoots.

Tub: for this shoots I used one soft box that was face down and on to the tube which lighted everything up within the shoot so I didn’t need to place white cards for this as it was white so my aim was to try to create a shoot were the back drop and the image is clearly seen and visible. As my back drop colour wasn’t lighting up well now I think this could have been because of the white tubes and it may have been white. I used the pen tool and inversed around the tubes and then coloured my background in white this was to show that I can clearly use the pen tool and make a clean backdrop which I managed to do successfully.

Here is a URL from a Pack shoot company which is based in Leeds, I have emailed the company in regards asking them if they have any work experience or even if I could find a mentor someone that could help me improve on my pack shoots.

Overall I had a successful shoot and I managed to light up all my products without any problem. I also have gained my skills within how to use the different lightings and I have developed my skills within using the capture one I also got to develop my skills using different lighting and changing setting to light up the products in the best way as possible.

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