Advanced T&P 2B Development Using Flash

Advanced T&P 2B Development Using Flash

Canon 600D

Canon Flashgun 430EX ll

White card: bounce light.


Flashgun setting Mode: ½ Full flash energy

¼ half the lighting will give less speed but will recharge the trigger quicker to shoot the next shoot faster.

1/64 This will give you less lighting speed and depending on the area of where you are shoot the more light you have around you the less you will need from your flash.

Full energy: 1/1 – ½ – ¼ – 1/8 – 1/16 – 1/32 – 1/64 Low lighting

The less the numbers are the faster and high the lighting will be the high the number gets the less power you will get and faster to shoot as the lighting recharges faster once you have less lighting.

Shutter speed/ 1/30 – 1/60 – 1/100 – 1/25

Shutter speed depended on the backlighting depending on where the person was standing which realise on how much natural lighting is coming and balancing it with the flash lighting.

Aperture F2.8 – F5.6 – F8 – F11

These are the aperture we needed once going around and shooting the more the lighting the lower the aperture the less the lighting the higher the aperture was.

ISO: I kept my ISO on 100 – 200 whilst inside but when we got in placed were it was drak and less lighting went up to 400 – 1600

Aim for this shoot was to do a range of shoots visiting various areas within college and shoot within different lighting. We were given White cards and placed them on top of the flash and which was a great to bounce light around the room and around people. This task was to show us how we could do a shoot if we was given a booking to do a shoot of an event or anything it would give us that confidant on how to improve on our shoot and see the difficulties that you may have.

WHITE CARD: the white card was a great bit of tool that helped me with my shoots and lighting up people faces which I thought was great.

We got to travel in various places within the college and the David hockey building every place we shoot had different lighting sets which was a great success.

Overall the shoots were a great success has I managed to get over 100 shoots that I got to go through and see what went wrong and what worked out well.

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