Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal Test shoot 2

Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal Test shoot 2

Aim for this photo shoot was to create a an image food as it would look like when you buy it from a takeaway my example shows how food actually look comparing to what they show you on billboards and magazines etc. I have managed to get a range of shoots of the chicken and the chis.

I feel that I have got some images that give a understanding of how I wold like my images to look but I do thing I need to alteration my angles based on the way I shoot and make my images look eye catching as I feel my images don’t have that.

I have got a list of questionaire5 that I will get answered my family and friends and see what they think about fast food and see what option they have provided and then I will put the most popular food together and forcus shooting on them.

My next step is to continue with my shoots and maybe look at different ways to make them look eye catching the few ideas I have thought of is using my zoom lens having some great depth of field, mix the food up lay it out in a different way, such as taking it out of the boxes and laying it on a flat surface or plates. Also using more lighting and try using natural lighting as they are images that will be taken in a normal living environment.

Overall the goods were great as they have gave me an idea of how I can improve on my shoots and what I could to do try to progress and develop my ideas for the next shoot I have done some research and looked at other photographers work such as power house as they have inspired me with their creative eye catching photography.

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