Advanced T&P (Canon 5D Using Capture one)

Aim’s for this task were to use capture one on a canon 5D. We worked in groups and set out the pack shoots and took turns shooting as well as using capture one we used the software to capture the shoots that we took and we could use the large screen to evaluate the image as it is easier to see on a large screen.

It was a great task as we got to learn different task that can accrue whilst working in an environment like this. We got to use the software and see how we could change the level and curve setting and we could change the light setting by looking at the image on capture one rather than relying on the SLR camera as the lighting on them isn’t always correct as seen. But I feel I have learnt from this task and wish to use this in I the further as it would be great use.


The Following URL’s show various kinds of settings using capture one it also gives you information on how to connect your DSLR camera to capture one straightaway without any problems which is great alongside that it shows how to change the lighting, tone settings on capture one whilst the camera is connected.


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