Advanced T&P 2B Proposal Draft 1

Proposal Draft 1

Pack shoot photography for this project I will be doing a range of pack shoots products that get sold in retail stores. I will be exploring within a range of things that are sold this could be things like kitchen appliances to jewellery. My aim for this project will be to show how things are sold and how retail markets advertise their products the reasons to why I would like to do a range of things is to show that I have experience within shooting numerous products this could be from a sofa to a small wrist watch.

This work will all be done within a studio as pack shoots could be taken anywhere but this also does depends on what the product is and how that picture could come across to look once its taken within that place. But I will be focusing on more within the studio as I would like to gain some experience using different lighting on different products every product will have its own theme look and will have its own setting which I would like to get around to and get used to doing.

Research I will need to collect information this will be from internet and leaflets that have pack shoots on them this would be a great idea to see how each shoot is done and what I will need my aim is to see some photographers work such as Powerhouse photography and see some of their talented work that they have produced over the years which I am inspired to and would like to know further information about.

My target audience would be retail store clients that sell good and that would like to get them advertised. Within this project I will be contacted company’s that sell good and get information as in if they would like shoots to be taken but before I begin with this I will have to research the prices and what kind of things I would need to do this kind of work.


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