Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal Test Shoot one

Advanced Studio Practice 2B

The aim of this shoot was to create a an images of food that is unhealthy but see it in away which people don’t as it is unhealthy it gets advertised in such an eye catching way that people buy it but don’t see the after effect of it. I was trying to create an image that shows how your food actually looks when you buy it form a takeaway.

what I achieved I have captured a range of shoots showing the food in different angles and then I have picked the best ones. These images that I have chosen show great details of the food and what it looks like. I haven’t done any editing on the actual food but just tided up around the outsides of it. I would like to show the public that what they see on billboards and magazines  isn’t  what they actually eat that is just created to be like that were as what I am trying to show is that the food I am capturing is just basic and made and simply given to takeout.

What’s next I will be showing my images to my class colleagues and ask for some advice and see what I could do and if I could improve my shoots by doing something different. I may not be shooting this food within the studio as I am trying to create a nature look and make the food look simple.

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