Advanced Studio Practice 2B Proposal Draft

Advanced Studio Practice 2B


Proposal First Draft

Exploring issues in relation to Fast food and how it affects the new people, and what drives them to buy this kind of food and what they thing about it and do they actually understand the damage it does to them. I will be photographing fast food searching the side effects of fast food, I then will be photographing the fast food to look appealing to show why people attracted to certain foods.

Within this project I will be exploring various kinds of fast food such as burgers, Pizzas and many other fast foods that could be very unhealthy to have on a daily basis. Within this I will be looking at various kinds of take always and looking at the way they advertise their business and see how they advertise there month watering food that the public is influenced by. What I have realised is most people don’t care about what these fast foods have inside as it could have anything inside it. Most people take fast food as an advantage as they may not need to cook at home so the next easiest option would be to get a takeout not knowing the effects it may have.

Within this project I will be exploring the different fast food that is advertised and also find out the after affects that it causes people. Not most people think anything about the after affect of eating junk food so I feel that I should do some research and make others aware of the damage that fast food could do to them.

I will be shooting my images all within a studio making my images look eye catching and mouth watering as you would see on a leaflets that get posted through the door food that you see in magazines my aim is to get images that grab the attention of the public like they get influenced by fast food.

My target audience would be teenager and students that study the reason to this is because they are the main audience that are influenced to this kind of food and they have it on a daily basis, which is not good and they should be aware of balancing their diet


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