Advanced T&P 2A WHITE BALANCE Using Daylight and Continuous Indoor Lighting

White balance for this shoot I used a range of products for my first shoot I used natural outdoor lighting and I switched to different kinds of white balance settings I feel I managed to achieve what I was looking. But for my second shoot which has more products within it shows a different kind of lighting this lighting was my bed side lamp that I used however I saw a big difference within both of these shoots.

When I used the lamp lighting I felt as though they was no massive effect to the image everything looked the same if you was to say they was a difference I would say they might have been but only a little but not more than that.

The shoots overall was a great success and it gave me an idea of how white balance works using different lighting this way I have noticed how white balance can react to different lighting, with some lighting it could make a big difference with other light it may not which is very interesting. I also did my custom white balance why using a white sheet and did a shoot of the product which was another great success and it gave me an idea of how it works in different situations.

Overall I have great idea of how white balance works within using different light and I feel that I have learn from this and I could take all of these techniques on bored and use them in the further if I have a situation like this I will know how to solve it.

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