Advanced T&P 2A No daylight brief final shoots

Final Portfolio shoots

For my no day light brief shoot we was asked to do a range of shoots of our own choice but we were not allowed to use any day light within the shoot it all had to be artificial,

So for my shoot I was wanting to use glow sticks and try to make shapes and add them within my food and see what kind of results I could attain by doing this, overall these shoots were successful and I got some great strong images that showed my understandings and what I was trying to pull off. For all my shoots I used lollies and captured them in a range of different ways my final images that I have chosen feel are a great result and they are really strong and the lighting of them is just as I was wanting, I also feel my prints were a great success and they came out very strong and in great quality which I feel happy about. As I have managed to complete every aspect that I was wanting to achieve from my shoots.

Overall my finals show  a great strong detail and they are very well-built as I have few weeks to build my portfolio up and looking back at my shoots I would say these are the best shoots and they have great tone of colour and vibrant and give that eye catching look which is what I was wanting to achieve.

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