Advanced T&P 2A No daylight brief Best practice shoots

Final best practice

The following images are that are taken within my class task that were set the reason I have picked the following images is because I feel they were the strongest which I feel were great out of the others that I took within the tasks.

As part of the no day light brief we were asked to do shoots using artificial lighting so I got some results showing my work which I did. My favourite shoot would be the light trails as I feel they were really successful and I gained the results that I was wanting to get from them. I also had a portrait of myself which I was wanting to add the trails on to  give it that double exposure look so I gave it ago and I personally think the results were great and I feel I got the result that I was aiming to get as the image looks strong and show great  quality.

Overall I am happy with all my best practice as I have managed to gain some great results within my class room task along with my proposal shoot I feel all the following shoots were a great success and they show great straights, all the following images are that I took doing different techniques within our class room task such as the battery pack task, development using flashgun, and white balance alongside other that I took on my own time.

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