Advanced Studio Practice 2A Proposal Evaluation Shoot Final portfolio images

Final portfolio images

Here are my final portfolio shoots which I am very pleased with after completing my shoot I had a range of shoots that I could have chosen as my finals but I felt these shoots worked out best and they show great detail and that is what I was looking for within my images.

My aim was to create mouth-watering images that grab other attention straight away my target audience for this shoot would have been from teenager to adults and also chefs that great the most divine mouth watering food because that’s the kind of work I would like to do and a inspire others I do feel my shoots were a great success and I have managed to get some great shoots over the coming weeks I do feel  my work has improved and most defiantly my shoots have come on great and I am happy with them.

I feel these six images were the strongest and gave great detail and put the point forward about how I wanted my shoots to look and what I was aiming to get within them. I am very happy with the images that I took making the food as they gave great detail and they made my images to look different to one another which are what I was trying to achieve. I wanted all of my images to have that close up shoot of the food showing the great detail of the food and making it look divine and eye catching with I think worked out very well.

Overall I think the proposal shoot was a great success and I have managed to get a great quality of prints that I feel would be a great success and I feel would sell in the further and would most defiantly catch the public’s attention.

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