Advanced T&P 2A proposal Sweet Shoot

Aims for this task were to continue my proposal shoots but this time I did my shoot within the studio. This company provides some great stock that comes from America and they sell a variety of kinds of sweets drinks crisps etc. Our job was to do a shoot of their stock it was all in different order and in ways was the stock matches up and the final shoots had to be a month’s worth of stock and a year’s worth of stock we had to put in different products within the shoot to show what the company sells.

Candy Heroes which is a store based in Leeds got in contact with Bradford film school to ask whether they could get there students to do some shoots on their products as they are wanting to update their website. I also to part in the project and helped them to shoots of the products our reward for the job was to have the sweet so what I did was added them as part of my work and did some shoots within the studio using the goods that were my reward.

Overall it was a great success and I got some great results my aim was to get some images with great depth of field and I feel that I have achieved this from this images. As one of my aim was to try to do a shoot within the studio using some sweets I feel these goods worked and I have got the result that I was wanting to achieve.

Here is a link to the company website to show you where the company is based and what them sel.

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