Advanced Studio Practice 2A Final shoot Chicken Stir Fry With Noodles

Canon 600d



Aim for this shoot was to go behind the scenes and do a shoot within the kitchen I though it will look different from my others shoot and it will look interesting. I wanted to create an image that shows how the food is made before its put on to the table because as I have looked at most photographers they work shows manly readymade food that is made and put on the table but for this shoot I was thinking of been more creative and taking it in to the kitchen and show that actual environment of working and making food in the kitchen.

I made some chicken stir fry with noodles so while I was making it I was taking some shoots of it one thing I didn’t want to use was the flashgun I wanted my images to be natural as possible and give you that real feeling like you are there and the food is in front of you and your just about to eat it that is the kind of feeling I was trying to achieve within my shoot.

Then once the dish was made I then set it up on a wide plate that would have been enough to fit all the food including the home made chips that were made. For the shoot I did use my flashgun as I wanted strong images with great lighting because it is important to get all the details in and see every bit that is on the plate I wanted to carry on with my close up shoot and show the detail of the food as close as possible because that is what gets the audience attention. Using a reflector was a great as it brings the lighting back in within the image and gives it that great live look.

Overall the shoot was great success and I feel I have managed to achieve the results that I was looking for I managed to get some great behind the scene shoots and also after the food was made I got some fantastic shoots that I will be putting for my finals as I am very happy and pleased with them.

(Behind the seen of making chicken stir fry with noodles)

Final shoots

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