Advanced T&P 2A Inverse Square Law Using studio lighting

Canon 600d

Studio Lighting

Looking at my portrait I did three shoots showing the inverse square law and how it would work within the studio looking at the first images I was close to the lighting but if you look at the second images I moved away towards the middle but I also had another light which was on the other side so in order for that to not affect my example of showing how inverse square law work I switched it of so I could focus using one light.

I stated off with using my aperture on F22 and kept my Shutter on 1/60 in order to get as much light as possible and I had my ISO on 100 which worked perfectly. I would say doing this inverse square law example did work and it gave me an idea of how to use the lighting within the studio using the inverse square law. My first two shoots were taken on F22 but then for my third shoot I went down to f16 so I get as much lighting as possible and make sure my face doesn’t look under exposed over all I feel this task work and I have a clear understanding within how to use the inverse square law.


I also did the same example but this time I used the photography studio I stood at the back and walked in my talking three steps looking at my first images it shows how the lighting’s travelled and where it has come up to for my second image you can tell I have walked in and it has gone a bit under exposed but it you can’t clearly tell.  For my final images I put my Aperture on to F11 in order to get as much lighting I can as possible so it doesn’t look under or over exposed.

Overall this shoot within the studio was a great success and I have got a much clear idea of how to control the lighting and how to use the inverse square law within the studio and I feel that it did work and you can clearly tell it did with the following images that I took.

Due to memory card faulty I lost my class task which was based on inverse square law but it was within the studio so I thought of doing some more shoots within my own time and try to go over with what we did within the class task.



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