Advanced T&P 2A Proposal shoots

Aim for this shoot as part of my no daylight brief proposal shoot I have chosen to use glow sticks this to lighten up my food and see it in a different colour and in a different light. I bought some food and decorated it and made show it looked colourful and bright in order to make my shoots to look eye catching and bright that will catch others attention overall I feel this shoot was a great success and I have managed to achieve most of the goals I was wanting to get.

What’s next: My next step is to do another shoot using the glow sticks and see what kind of results I could achieve I would like to make some shapes out of the glow stick has I have the equipment to do that so for my next shoot my aim is to make the shapes and add some food maybe lollies within it as they have coloured and vibrant.

Overall this shoot was a great success and I have archived some great shoots, as it say in the brief it is important I don’t get any daylight within my images so what I did was close the curtains within the room I was shooting in and set up my tripod and making sure I have my remote in my hand for ever time I need to release the shutter. I started from 10 seconds and worked my way up for this shoot it was important to leave it for longer as they was not much lighting within the room so the shutter was opened for some time to get as much lighting it can as possible.

IMG_7638 IMG_7649 IMG_7791 IMG_7802 IMG_7806

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