Advanced T&P 2A Proposal shoots Using different colour test shoot

The aims for this following task was to do a shoot using different lighting shadows which was not a great success I put a white sheet down and then cut a card of paper and stuck some different coloured gel’s in so when I Shoot the shadow of the different colours will reflect on to the floor around the food but this did not work out.

When the food was placed on to the floor and then I tried reflecting the colours from the card buy flash my flashgun light through it to see the results I could achieve but this wasn’t a success.

Camera setting:

Shutter speeds: BULB

Aperture: F11

ISO: 100

Even though my ISO and shutter speed at the lowest so I could get less lighting in from around and just let the timing go up itself it still wasn’t a great success but I am happy to show the layout of what I was trying to achieve and I feel that was a great success as I did take time out to make the gel’s work which was a success from one side.

My next step is to continue shoot which my proposal and try other techniques that may work out better for the shoots and see what kind of results I could achieve from that but overall I feel I had a great shoot even though everything wasn’t a success the way I would have wanted it to be.

IMG_7575 IMG_7576 IMG_7578

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