Advanced T&P 2A Proposal shoots

Camera: Canon 600d

Flashgun: Canon 430EXll Speedlite

Len: 50mm F2.8

Aim for the task were to create a shape with the glow sticks and try to do a shoot using then altogether alongside with some lollies  and trying to achieve some results from there. Within this shoot I was trying to create a bokeh but it wasn’t really successful as I needed to do a full shoot of everything within the shoot. I did a range of shoots showing the gels glow I also a bird’s eye view one to see how that works over all I feel all the shoots that did were a great success and I feel as though I have managed to achieve some great images. Looking at my images I am happy with in some images I was told my glow sticks look like a ride that you would see in a theme park which I didn’t even think of but looking back at them it could look like a ride which I’m happy with and I may do few more and see what results I could achieve from them.

What’s next my next aim will be to view all of my images and see what I could do next but I personally think I have done the shoots that my aim was to achieve, I feel I will need to revisit all of my shoots and see what I need to do next as I may go over some shoots that I think are not successful but personally I feel as though I have achieved what my aim was and what I had wrote to do within my proposal.

Over all it was a great shoot and I had some successful shoots that I may use for my final portfolio but over all I feel all my shoots were successful and I gone through what I was looking to achieve in my images.

IMG_7918 IMG_7923 IMG_7932 IMG_7935

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