Advanced T&P 2A Proposal shoots


Camera: Canon 600d

Lens 50mm F2.8

Flashgun: 2x  Canon 430EXll Speedlite

Coloured Gels

Aims for this task were to do range of shoots using different gels and creating bokeh within the image I used lollies as they have a great range of different colours and I thought they would work out best and as I am wanting to have loads of colour within my shoots.

The shoot was a great success I have got some great shoots and put my aperture on F2.8 to create a bokeh effect within the image so it looks interesting and eye catching which worked out perfect. I had a basket which had loads of little holes within it so what I did was I got both of my flashguns and but colour gels on to them so when I am shooting they will reflect through the basket holes and it will give a bokeh effect through the image. Which I think worked great and I managed to get a range of different shoots with the bokeh used in the background. Bokeh is a like a focus point within the image and easily grabs people’s attention it is know that bokeh is from Japanese language which means blur, which what is bokeh in other ways it means blurring out parts of the image that isn’t really needed. But in my case I have added colour within the background and I would like it to be seen in a way that it will catch other attention.

Overall the shoot was a great success and I have got some amazing images that I was wanting to capture as part of my proposal shoot for my finals and I feel that I have achieved this results and it was a great success I will continue with this task and try to do some more bokeh shoots.

This link below shows what bokeh is and where it has come from and what it is used for.

IMG_8425 IMG_8430 IMG_8435 IMG_8438 IMG_8443 IMG_8446 IMG_8449 IMG_8455

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