Advanced T&P 2A Proposal shoots

Camera kit:

Camera: Canon 600d

Flashgun: Canon 430EXll Speedlite

Aims for this task was to add some homemade buns and some sweets within the plate and then get the glow sticks and put them in between the buns as I was leaving my shutter on for few minutes it was important that I manage to light up the food within the plate because that was my main aim.

My aim was to get the shoots from the side so I get some depth of field with the image and I could put my aperture on F2.8 so I have a great amount of depth of filed within my image which I feel wasn’t a great idea because once I set the plate up and looked at it from a brides eye view it looked more interesting and eye catching so then I carried on with shoot from the top I did try doing a shoot from the side but I felt it wasn’t as successful as I thought it will be.

My next aim is to do another shoot using the glow stick and trying out some other shapes and see how that works but I have really happy with the development that I am making with the following images that I have created and I feel if I carry on and make sure I stick to what I say I will achieve the task that are set.

IMG_7751 IMG_7778 IMG_7789 IMG_7790

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