Outcome 4 Personal statement along with Health & safety.

Aim for this task were to find an image from a magazine this could be anything that suites my work and analyse its style or the look of the shoot. I found a magazine with food photography, m y aim was to find sweet food as I want to capture something that people like as I have various target audience and I feel taste matters and the only way you could tell if a product looks good is if it has colour to it.

I choose a magazine that inspired me and I retook the image but in my style and way which I thought would suite me best and in a way that I would feel people would like my images.

I have added my health and safety and my personal statement in outcome 4 in my research journal.

Within my images I have added various coloured gels as every colour as a different feeling to it as green would give you a warm welcoming colour where as purple is a very dark and cold colour everyone as their own taste and like different colours so that’s why I thought it would be great to show different colours that give different feelings.

IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8466 IMG_8467 IMG_8485 IMG_8493 IMG_8496 IMG_8497 IMG_8501

Here is a link which indicates the lighting and style within how to produces and eye catching image and how to make it look similar to the one I have got from the magazine.

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