Advanced studio practice 2A Divergent Thinking

Aim for this shoot I bought a takeout and I saw this chicken which made me think of divergent thinking. I was busy eating until someone took it out and put it on the table and it just looked a chicken that was sleeping. The whole image just reminded me of an actual chicken that has been cooked and is sleeping.

But instead it was a chicken which was a chicken once upon a time that probably had a life. Divergent thinking is thinking things in a different way or the opposite as something which I felt worked great with this chickens which I had to do a shoot of before it was eaten.

I have full understanding within how divergent thinking works and how to relate to things and make them look different or even the opposite as something. Within this task I will explore within other kinds of food and do more divergent thinking with different kinds of food.

Overall this shoot was a success and I have managed to achieve a shoot which shows full understanding of thinking in different ways, I also feel if I was put on the spot and to do some divergent thinking on something and including to do a shoot of something and talk about it and how it could look like something different I think would be able to achieve this task.

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