Advanced studio practice 2A Proposal shoots

Camera: Canon 600d

Lens: 50mm F2.8

Having a group tutorial and discussing my work to the class was a great opportunity as I got to share information with my colleagues and talk about each other’s work and help on how we could improve our shoots and give different ideas and ways of how we could shoot differently. I shared my ideas saying that I would like to take it up another level and do shoots in a environment where it looks warm and like home as my colleagues did agree some did say use hands within the image showing people eating the food but focus more on the food instead of the person, I also was asked to do some shoots with different handing within one plate now this show be a family sitting around the table eating a meal.

I liked the idea of using hands and showing people eating a meal but I wasn’t sure how to put this so I stock with using someone eating a meal and I discussed that I want to do a shoot in a kitchen environment which is something different and it will show details of food been made which will look great and it will make since which most people that was a good idea and I could use it and it may work out well.

Aims for this task as I discussed with my group and they gave me ideas as in using hands within the image which I thought was a great idea and I thought I could try this out firs within my shoot and see what kind of results I could achieve from doing this.  I got a full dish made and put everything on to one plate to see what kind of results I could achieve at first I wasn’t keen on this idea and also I wasn’t wanting to use my flash I was wanting to use natural lighting and see what kind of results I could achieve from this overall looking at the good I feel it was a successful shoot and I managed to achieve the some fantastic result.

What’s next my next aim is to do a shoot within a kitchen environment and see what I could achieve from that as I feel the following shoot was a success and I have got the shoots that I wanted to achieve.

Overall it was a great successful shoot which I am pleased with and have gained some great results from it my next step is to do another shoot and try to keep the close up shoots as they give great detail within the food and it gives it that tempting, full of flavoured look which is what I am wanting to achieve from my shoots.

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