Advanced studio practice 2A Proposal shoots

Camera kit:

Camera: Canon 600d

Flashgun: Canon 430EXll Speedlite

The aims for this task was to do a shoot of the food in such away were it catching you attention, My aim was to make it look tasty, divine I personally think that part of it did work out very well I did a mixture of shoots that I really though looked inspiring and gave an eye catching look which is what I was looking for within this shoot.

I feel I have managed to achieve the goals of this task and things that I was aiming to get from this shoot. I had a tutorial with my tutor and he mentioned I shoot do more close up shoots as even trying to use a 50mm lens which will only aim to parts of the food that looks more tempting and where your eye would go first when you look at the image for the first time. I talked about taking my shoots in a range of places or even a kitchen I did this shoot in a kitchen show room where I did a job for a customer and I asked whether I could bring some food and see what I could achieve.

What’s next: overall I feel I need to do more shoots for this shoot I managed to achieve some goals that I set to do and get an idea of what I would like to have achieve for my final shoot. I personally think I need to do another shoot but this time try to do it with a kitchen and even try to show that within my images to see what the results come out to be like. Do I feel I may be able to achieve this task yes I do and I have every aspect that it will work my main aim is to make it look like it’s been done it a kitchen looking at other photographers work they just show the final product that is made which I have successfully achieved in my preview shoots but this time I feel I need to take it to the next step and try another way to shoot my final shoot.

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